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May 15, 2012


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It has been awhile since anyone has posted anything new here on the Klamath Basin Peace Forum.  The group, as a group has not been active.  What follows are some of my thoughts and mine alone.  In no way do they represent intentionally the views of any others.

Peace is the way!  The end of formal troop involvement in Iraq, the planning to wind down our military presence in Afghanistan by 2014 is just a beginning.  We have so far to go as a society, as a nation, as a community and as a world. 

I personally find it interesting how many distractions there are in the political realities of this year of presidential aspirations.  The economy is a major focus, as is it should be.  The rights of marriage is an issue.  Foreign policy seems low on the list.  No one really seems to see the connection between failed economic growth and the incredible waste in fighting two wars that have or are coming to a quasi end.

Bread and butter not bombs, Diplomacy not devastation and destruction.

When will it ever end?  When will we stop trying to justify the next incursion?

Just ranting a little..thanks


December 26, 2011

Peace in Iraq

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Peace has been declared in Iraq.  All combat troops are coming home by Christmas.  And so we are told that this chapter in America’s history in Iraq is over!

Today I read an article about a court decision which declares that Iran and Al Quida were responsible for the events of 9-11-01.  I will be interested in looking at all the evidence that allows for this conclusion and civil verdict.  If it holds up through appeal, what are the greater implications?

Let’s see….Iraq was not responsible for the attack on America.  Iraq’s alleged involvement was part of the justification for invading a sovereign nation.

Let’s see…Iraq allegedly had weapons of mass destruction stock-piled which could be used to attack America again.  This too was part of the justification for invading a sovereign nation.  No weapons of mass destruction was uncovered.

No WMD. No connection to 9-11.  Why did we invade a sovereign nation?

Were we told the truth about why American troops were placed in harm’s way?  Were we there for regime change all along, to remove a government that was not supportive of American interests in the region?  What is the truth?

Does this verdict about who was responsible for 9-11, by a legitimate branch of government, allow for investigation into the apparent deception told to the American people?

Going to war is serious.  The war, we are told is no over.  Will the lies live on?

January 9, 2010

Status of Forum

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The Forum is still inactive at one level. We do not meet on a regular basis. However, we are still out there in the community. If anyone feels a need to convene a meeting, we will meet. When that will be–?


January 5, 2009

Prayer for President Obama

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This was sent to be by the McGees with encouragement to share with as many as possible. Thanks to them for passing this on.

12.13 A Prayer
Prayer for President Obama

Lord God, we pray for President Barack Obama.
We praise you for the gifts you have nurtured in him:
to think clearly, to speak eloquently, to interact effectively.
Guide him, God, to use these skills both wisely and well
as he leads our nation and serves our world.

Thank you for his bright summons to audacious hope.
May we citizens bracket that vision with faith and love,
so that civility and justice mark our nation’s journey
into an unknown and somewhat scary future.

May the glare of publicity never blind him to truth.
May political power never dull empathy with ordinary people.
May pride of position never corrode his conscience.
Warn him, Lord, when evils, disguised as good,
tempt him to stray from what is right and true.

Teach him to backtrack from wrong turns amiably,
but to follow right roads tenaciously.
Strengthen hi s commitment to servant leadership.
May neither acclaim nor criticism tarnish his congeniality.

Show him patterns of patience that tarry but do not dawdle.
When he is tired and stressed, refresh him, Lord,
in his body, in his mind, in his spirit.
When alone he wrestles over difficult ethical and policy issues
may this follower of Jesus heed his Master’s guiding voice.

Oh, and Lord, in busy times remind President Obama
of his heart-felt pledge and studied practice:
to be an attentive and loving husband and father.


Peace and Joy!

Arthur O. Roberts

November 27, 2008


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As an advocate for peace, as an activist for political reformation in America, and as a concerned citizen who happens to have voted for the Obama/Biden ticket in the recent election I have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Day.

Now that the election is over and Obama will take office let us be thankful, certainly.  Our hard work and efforts have paid off.  But let us not let down our desires to work for peace in Iraq and in Afghanistan.  Let us not rest in our desire to stop preemption and first strike as foreign policy.  Let us pay attention that those of us who supported this candidate are paid attention to by the man who is now president.  Visit and state you views.  Communicate!  Insist!  Stay motivated!  Stay involved!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Peace!

The above represent my views and not necessarily those of the Peace Forum as a group!

November 10, 2008

Activism now more than ever

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Freinds of the Forum,

At the November meeting of the Forum, those present determined the importance of keeping active as a voice of peace and social justice now that there is a new administration in the White House. We generated a must do list that we will post on appropriate an internet site. We were told that there is a specif site created to do so. Once the specific list is edited, It will be published for comment here. This writer will also sen out this list to the Forum’s mail list.

For now, know that the top items will include the following:

  • Bring home the troops from Iraq as soon as possible and practical, and to not redeploy the troops to Afghanistan.
  • Refrain from unilateral incursions into independent and sovereign nations which could expand the “war on terror”. (Pakistan, Syria)

The list will also include items that are related to, peace and justice. We will also post the site where you may submit your own independent lists of must do’s for the new administration.

Let’s celebrate this historic election by holding accountable the new administration to the progressive values that we believe got him elected.

October 16, 2008


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Friends of the Forum:

I am now teaching at OIT. I am currently teaching a class on Death and Dying. I am not now doing the genocide class Perhaps in the near future.

I am happy for the opportunity to teach at this level. peace to all!


July 17, 2008


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Friends of the Forum,

I will be teaching two classes at Klamath Community College this Fall term (2008).

One class is the Psychology of Genocide.  (PSY 299).  The events in Sudan/Darfur and the charges of genocide and crimes against humanity being brought against Sudan’s president, Omar al-Bashir, will most certainly be evaluated and examined.

The other class is on Death and Dying.  Thsi will be offered as a Sociology Class.  I am not sure of the course number.  Staff is listed as the instructor.  This will be an inquiry into the attitudes towards death and dying and ultimately living in American Society.  We will also look at how different faith perspectives look at death and dying.


July 13, 2008

Peace and the 4th of July

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The Klamath Basin Peace Forum was present in the 4th of July Parade in Klamath Falls, Oregon. We were sandwiched between two Children’s entries.  One from the YMCA and the Other for a Children’s Theater Production of Mulan, I believe.  There were about 15 of us marching for peace.  We had peace banners, the Klamath Basin Peace Forum banner, and an American Flag.

I noticed many acknowledgments.  I heard no negatives and saw no hand gestures suggesting disapproval.

Hope to see some of you at the next meeting.  July 13th at eh Congregational United Church of Christ.  That is a Sunday at 4:00 P.M.


June 29, 2008


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The Klamath Basin Peace Forum is planning to march in the 4th of July Parade.  We will gather on 4th Street on the morning of the 4th.  Flags, peace banners, and t-shirts are welcomed.  This is not a protest.  It is a reminder that we are still here advocating for peace.


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