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February 25, 2006

Dollar hedgeonomy

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Mark Gaffney sent me a very powerful article about how the need to support the unbacked U.S. dollar has influenced Economic and foreign policy for years. The shift from the gold standard to the oil standard, the protection of the dollar versus the Euro to pay for oil has played a role in events. This is an interesting read. The text is from a speech by the
HON. RON PAUL OF TEXAS Before the U.S. House of Representatives on 2-15-06.
The internet location of ther article is:



February 19, 2006

Gold Star Mothers for Peace

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The turn out for Gold Star Mothers for Peace was great. Soups, Salads, and deserts were enjoyed by many of those who came. Michelle Deford and Lynn Bradach were open, honest and direct in their presentation. Each shared from a place of heart her experience in losing her son. They shared about how the experience of their loss lead them to question the actions of an administration they now perceive as irrepsonsible and immoral. Each build a case for change in Congress and legal action against the wrong-doing of this government. Both were from families and traditions that value military service. Lynn spoke about her experience in Crawford, Texas and in Cambodia clearing mine fields. Michelle spoke about Cindy Sheehan’s decision to continue her suit against the government in how she was removed from the venue for the State of The Union Address. Both informed the audiance of the coming work to ensure that Vets are screened for PTSD prior to being discharged from the Service and to insure that Vets are given the benefits promised and earned after serving the Country.

This was a powerful, powerful presentation.


February 17, 2006

Saturday and Peace

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This Saturday, February 18, 2006, there will be an important event in our community.  Gold Star Mother’s for Peace will speak out against the war in Iraq.  Oregon mothers who have lost sons in this war that is arguably “unjustified”  according to “just war theory” will speak out.  These brave, patriot women (in my opinion) will stand up against this administration’s cold response to those who disagree with its policies.

I am hoping for a large turn out.  As these mothers speak and stand up and out, so must we, so must we.  We can be part of this historical moment where the voice in the wilderness of America’s insanity is heard.

See you all there!


February 13, 2006

Chavez and Non-violence

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In reading the interview with Cesar Chavez “People Are Willing to Sacrifice Themselves”,in Peace is the Way,  a few things came to mind:

I thing the practical person has a better change of dealing with nonviolence than people who tend to be dreamers or who are impractical. We’re not non-violent because we want to save our souls.  We’re nonviolent because we want to get some social justice for the workers.”

Is it possible that nonviolence is a practical solution to power imbalances in the struggle bbetween the powerful and the less so.  Can violence on the part of the oppressed ever lead to a change in social order that does not result in a replacement that in its own way is just as oppressive?

I also am interested in what seems like relative nonviolence, the notion that nonviolence is about about doing practical acts such as boycotting and striking.  He seems to believe that philosophical nonviolence has little value.  I appreciated his reflections on Gandhi as a stategist.

Let’s share relfections on Chavez and his approaches to those of King and Gandhi.


Meeting and reflections

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I felt that we had a good meeting on Sunday.  Gold Star Mother’s for Peace should be a wonderful event.  I learned that there is already a “Change for Change” group, so I will let go of that seed.  Information about this blog was distributed to those present. Soon to come will be information about how to access Freedom of Information Act information about one’s individual file with the powers that be!



February 12, 2006

Peace Forum Meeting

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This is Sunday morning, February 12, 2006.  This afternoon there will be another meeting of the Klamath Basin Peace Forum. We will be meeting at the usual place, The Congregational United Church of Christ at 2154 Garden Ave.  We will start at about 4 P.M.

I know that Gold Star Mothers will be one topic of discussion.

I also will present information about this blog.

I also want to discuss “Change for Change.

Peace to all!


February 10, 2006

Change for Change

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I have an idea. Or at least, I have a seed to plant as the begining of an idea. It started with hearing Bono’s talk (homily, sermon) at the National Prayer Breakfast. ( By the way, the text of his talk is posted at this webblog.)  I was most impressed with his call for a 1% increase in spending through the federal budget to fund relief efforts in Africa.  Where we live should not determine if we live were powerful words. In discussions of this notion with students in the Theories of Peace class I am teaching, I talked about ow disposable pennies are.  I noted how often people disregard pennies as an inconvienent.  I considered how powerful it would be if all those “disregarded, inconvienent pennies” could be gathered and collected and used to fund sunch projects.  I wanted to call this fanatsy grass roots efforts at collecting the disposible penny “Change for Change”.

And so, here is the seed…”Change for Change”:  A Klamath Basin Peace Forum project for a local charity, a national charity,   Change for Change….hmmm?


February 6, 2006

Gold Star Mothers

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Dear Peace Forum members,

St. Paul's Episcopal Church has withdrawn its support of the Gold Star
Mothers for Peace event as a result of some pressure from members of its
congregation after the article about the event appeared in the Herald and
News last week.

The Hedelmans have stepped up and generously offered the use of the
Congregational church for this event.

So please take note of the following venue change:

The Gold Star Mothers For Peace will appear at the same date and time:
Saturday, February 18th
1:00 Potluck
2:00 Presentations and discussion

The new venue for the event is now:
Congregational Church- United Church of Christ
2154 Garden Ave.

Thank you so much to David and Pat Hedelman and the Board of the
Congregational Church for their commitment to peace.

Those of us working to organize this event are in the process of re-doing
and reprinting posters and taking out new ads alerting people to the change
of venue.  We have lost some money and time as a result of the venue change
and the need to re-do publicity, so we ask that you all help us by  passing
the word on to as many people as possible about this change.

Thank you, as always, for your support for peace.

Mary Been
Current KB Peace Forum listserv manager

February 4, 2006

Messangers of Peace and Justice

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I find myself very perplexed by the events of this past week. Coretta Scott King has died. Her life exemplified service towards radical transformation of an ailing society towards one that might someday illuminate the truth about the unity of all men and women, a society of justice. Cindy Sheehan, a Gold Star Mother, was arrested at the venue for the State of the Union Address for wearing a shirt that stated the number of US troops killed in Iraq. Another woman wearing a shirt saying support the troops was asked to leave. Arrested vs. being asked to leave–mmmm, equal responses to perceived protest or support? Then Bono, rock star, social activist, prophet, and preacher, speaks at the National Prayer Breakfast. His homily is printed below, it is on-line, it is at Sojourners Magazine’s website. Before getting to the heart of his prophecies he asked, “Mr. President are you sure about this?”

To me these three events are intertwined and woven together in a way that almost makes my mind twist itself into knots. I can almost sense the neuro-pathways of my mind being altered, and perhaps “altared”.

Mrs. Coretta Scott King was a reformer. She gave up her husband for the movement. Moving past the suppositions about his faithfulness to her, which is irrelevant, really, to the issues of his dedication to civil rights and social and economic justice, she was faithful to him and the work towards which he dedicated and gave his life. It was a foregone conclusion that he would at some time be crucified for daring to lead a race of people, then an impoverished and hungry nation, and finally a world filled with economic and social inequality to a new vision based on the nonviolent principles of a Hindu sage, Gandhi. He knew and Coretta Scott knew that one day he would pay the ultimate price for delivering his prophetic message.

Then we have the message of Cindy Sheehan. “Mr. President, meet with me about why my son died in Iraq! Why are we fighting this war?” She wanted more than what she perceived as the automatic and autocratic murmurings of insincere condolences. She wanted dialogue and meaningful public discourse about this war. She is invited to the state of the union. She was escorted to her place in the gallery. She takes off her coat. She wears a shirt proclaiming the number of troops who had died and asked how many more, and was taken by force out of the hall and arrested. All this was prior to the presidential speech in which he honored one of the families of a soldier who died in Iraq. Sheehan dares to ask how many more must die and is arrested. The president honors one death in symbolic thanks for all who died and he is in the limelight, but after all, he is the president who orchestrated this all. Another woman, invited to the affair, escorted to her seat, takes off her jacket, is wearing a shirt with a message support the troops, is also “removed” from the venue, but she is asked and is treated with respect. Prophets, protests, and protected rights seem to depend on who delivers the message and in what parlance. The emperor who wears no clothes has often been protected from the discomfort of the winds of social change. If the message is a difficult one to hear, he is protected from hearing that perception of the truth.

Then Bono speaks. It made my brow furrow wondering who called upon Bono to do this. His message was based on scripture, as one would expect at the National Prayer Breakfast. His message was based on the traditional prophetic tendency to warn a people of how they are incurring displeasure of the divine. He talked about social justice and how it is what we are not doing that will be the measure of our relationship with the divine.

In talking about the state of the Union in Africa, Bono mentioned illness, he mentioned poverty, he mentioned hunger, he mentioned wars, and he mentioned the great fires of injustice and inequality that are devastating this continent of millions of people. He mentioned numbers and tithing. A 1% increase in giving to Africa could make all the difference in the world to that continent—a 1% increase. He talked about the difference between charity and justice. He talked about the jubilee year. He proclaimed a vision where the ills of hunger, poverty, illness and despair could be reversed with a 1% increase in justice giving. (My phrase).

The interconnection between these three is that Bono’s vision is in keeping with the prophetic voices of the Kings’ vision and prophetic voice. Bono’s visionary comments were peace making and justice creating. Sheehan was speaking out for justice and peace as well as for imperial accountability.

How many more must die in Iraq, in Africa, in Palestine and Israel, in American cities. Simon and Garfunkle once wrote in their song “The Sounds of Silence”: The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenement halls, and echoed in the sounds of silence.”

I would say to you as I write these words, the voice of prophecy will not be silenced. We can honor Mrs. King by dedicating ourselves to Peace and Justice issues, to love one another the way we have been loved, by living the message. We can support those women and men who dare ask why and how many more must die by asking for accountability, we can heed the words of the prophets and insist that budgets be moral documents and that at least 1% more of the federal budget be spent in aid to the poorest of the poor and insist that we move beyond charity to justice.

From the clay soil of Georgia, where Mrs. King lies in state, to the jails of the capital where protest is halted and free speech silenced, and yet heard reverberating through out the land, from the pulpit of the National Prayer Breakfast, the words of the prophets have moved from subways and tenements, to the heart of the nation. Will we hear the Good News?

Justice can rise out of the tomb of hatred and assassination. Justice can rise out of the blind hypocrisy of petty bureaucrats. Justice can rise out of a shift in understanding.

Mrs. King…. Ms. Sheehan…Bono… Protesters, prophets and prophetesses, troublemakers, radical reformers, messengers. Time will tell.

February 3, 2006

Gold Star Mothers

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The venue for The Gold Star Mothers event to be held on Saturday, February 18, 2006 has been established. Hopefully, this is set with certainty and publicity can be finalized. The event will be held at The Congregational United Church of Christ (UCC) at 2154 Garden Avenue in Klamath Falls, Oregon. We of the UCC are a just peace and an open and affirming congregation and denomination. We support causes of peace and justice that bring about reason and diolouge. We are proud to sponsor this event and to host it. Thanks to all who brought this event to the community.

David Isaiah Hedelman

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