The Klamath Basin Peace Forum

February 3, 2006

Bono and George

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I was amazed almost to the point of speechlessness last night.  I was scanning channels on the tube when I found Bono of U2 fame speaking to The National Prayer Breakfast.  George W was two seats away from the podium where he spoke of peace, equality, and justice issues.  He was both prophetic and critical.  He suggested a new appraoch to foreign policy based on econmic justice and aid to the thrid world.  He talked about the concept of the jubilee year (a forgiving of all thord world debt).  He talked about AIDS/HIV. He talked about other preventable illnesss.  He talked about war and he talked about peace.  He talked about Ireland.  He was wonderful!  I kept wondering how he was invited and how it is that he had access. He mentioned Jim Wallis’ book:  God’s Politics. He used scriptures to talk about how a 1% increase in aid to the thrid world, especially Africa could transform the breeding grounds of terrror into the fertal grounds of justice, (my words).  I want a text of his “sermon”.

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