The Klamath Basin Peace Forum

February 10, 2006

Change for Change

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I have an idea. Or at least, I have a seed to plant as the begining of an idea. It started with hearing Bono’s talk (homily, sermon) at the National Prayer Breakfast. ( By the way, the text of his talk is posted at this webblog.)  I was most impressed with his call for a 1% increase in spending through the federal budget to fund relief efforts in Africa.  Where we live should not determine if we live were powerful words. In discussions of this notion with students in the Theories of Peace class I am teaching, I talked about ow disposable pennies are.  I noted how often people disregard pennies as an inconvienent.  I considered how powerful it would be if all those “disregarded, inconvienent pennies” could be gathered and collected and used to fund sunch projects.  I wanted to call this fanatsy grass roots efforts at collecting the disposible penny “Change for Change”.

And so, here is the seed…”Change for Change”:  A Klamath Basin Peace Forum project for a local charity, a national charity,   Change for Change….hmmm?



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