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February 13, 2006

Chavez and Non-violence

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In reading the interview with Cesar Chavez “People Are Willing to Sacrifice Themselves”,in Peace is the Way,  a few things came to mind:

I thing the practical person has a better change of dealing with nonviolence than people who tend to be dreamers or who are impractical. We’re not non-violent because we want to save our souls.  We’re nonviolent because we want to get some social justice for the workers.”

Is it possible that nonviolence is a practical solution to power imbalances in the struggle bbetween the powerful and the less so.  Can violence on the part of the oppressed ever lead to a change in social order that does not result in a replacement that in its own way is just as oppressive?

I also am interested in what seems like relative nonviolence, the notion that nonviolence is about about doing practical acts such as boycotting and striking.  He seems to believe that philosophical nonviolence has little value.  I appreciated his reflections on Gandhi as a stategist.

Let’s share relfections on Chavez and his approaches to those of King and Gandhi.



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