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March 12, 2006

Party Politics-Letter to the Democratic Party and Dr. Dean

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Dr. Dean,

It is time. America clearly needs a change in direction.  The current administration has taken us to the edge of economic, ethical, and moral collapse.  This administration has used knowingly flawed(at the very least) intelligence to convince us to go to war, this administration has abused its powers to circumvent the laws of the nation and engage in programs of domestic spying, this administration has disclosed the name of  a CIA operative in retaliation for daring to question administrative polices in the Middle East, this administration has sanctioned sweetheart, no-bid contracts in Iraq and here at home to companies with which it has  had financial connections, and this administration has done all it can to destroy the notion of balance of power between the three branches of government.


Dr. Dean,  I would ask these questions. Is it time to consider Articles of Impeachment against G.W. Bush? Is it time to take back the House and Senate based on these and other issues?  Is it time to demonstrate to the American people that the Democratic Party has not lost its integrity and heart? 


The answer, Dr, Dean, is that not only is it time, it is past time!  Lead America back, Dr. Dean, to the values that have made us great.  It is time, Dr. Dean, to end what The Hon. Representative Paul from Texas has called dollar hegemony.  It is time, Dr. Dean, to inspire the traditional grass roots of this party.  It is time, Dr. Dean, to bring the troops home and not become ensnared in a civil war in Iraq.  It is time, Dr. Dean, for proactive political intervention in the travesty that is the current administration. It is time to win the mid-term elections, it is time to impeach, and it is time to speak out and speak out loudly.  It is time, Dr. Dean.  It is time!


David Isaiah Hedelman, M.S.  CADC I

Minister United Church of Christ

Klamath Falls, Oregon


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