The Klamath Basin Peace Forum

March 25, 2006

Epithath for Peace Demonstration

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Dear Editor, Last Sunday afternoon (March 19) a small but lively group of local 
peace activists took to the streets of our town to protest Bush’s policy of 
endless war, and to remind the citizenry of the central Christian message.
Our Sunday assembly was as much a peace celebration as an anti-war 
demonstration. One contingent gathered on a local highway 97 overpass, 
from which they displayed brightly painted peace banners. 
I was part of a smaller group standing at the busy intersection of Washburn 
and South Sixth. There we stood, firmly within ourselves, conspicuous as hell 
in the most redneck place in all of Oregon -- maybe the world. 
We had only one sign among us. We passed it around and held it high. 
I felt our strength and the rightness of our message. I think we all did. 
In the course of that short hour a thousand or more local people motored by. 
Most of them saw and beheld our sign. Two years before we had stood in that 
exact same spot with the same message. On that occasion we were greeted by ugly
catcalls, angry fists, unrepeatable obscenities and even threats. One tired 
customer spat at us. But not this time. This time the passersby must have 
sensed that we were truly blessed. Not a one of them screamed at us. 
There were no threats and not one angry fist. No one flipped us the bird. 
Instead, there were lots of smiling faces. Friendly people waved at us. 
Many honked their horns in support. Why this dramatic change from two years ago?
Have the people of Klamath Falls finally awakened to the unpleasant truth: 
that we have been betrayed by failed leaders who (despite their rhetoric) 
care nothing about our country? For sure, something has changed. 
What a difference two years can make! At present, my personal biggest concern 
goes beyond this town: Can we can stop Bush before he plunges the whole world 
into nuclear darkness? 
Mark Gaffney Chiloquin


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  1. very cool blog… thought I should tell you that this post runs over the edges viewed normally through my FIrefox browser.. makes it hard to read, but a worthwhile read it is

    Comment by comodisc — April 3, 2006 @ 4:17 am | Reply

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