The Klamath Basin Peace Forum

April 6, 2006

Rep. Ron Paul of Texas

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Wow, where to start. I want to find out as much asa I can about Rep. Ron Paul of Texas. He is a Republican who appears to be a man of honor and integrity. He has been an outspoken critic of this administration’s economic, foreign, and pre-emptive strike war policies since early in 2002, if not earleir. He has spoken out against Congress neglecting and transfering its constitutional authority to declare war to the administration and against a foreign economic stategy based on dollar hegeonomy. He has spoken about the hidden causes of this failed policy. Just last night, he gave a speach warning Congress and the American people about the dangerous pathway the adminstration is taking in making threats of war against Iran. He sees Bush and company driving us towards an impossible quagmire in the middle east based on a fanatic beleif that the answer to American economic woes is found in using the military to ensure oil supplies for American needs and greed. He speaks of the fallicy of this strategy. This is a Republican who is not a fan of the neocons who have taken over his party, nor is he a fan of theirs. He is a man who is speaking his truth. This is an individual who some Republicans might embrace to take over the White House when this lame duck is gone. As peace activists, we need to watch him and see if he has an opportunity to win the nomination in 2008, if he is willing to run. We can concentrate on Congressional and Senatorial races and take back the Legislative branch. A president with his views and a democratic congress might restore fundamental checks and balances that have been missing for so long in our government.

I am not beciming a closet Republican. I just see in this individual a truth that I have not seen from Demos or Republicans for a while. I need to know more about his policies in general and his voting record. But he is worth watching.



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