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October 30, 2007

Demonstrations and Location

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On Saturday, October 27th, a small group of men gathered at Washburn and South Sixth to protest the continued presence of US Troops in Iraq.  Included in this gathering were four Viet Nam Vets.  Also an individual who has a son serving in Iraq.  Although we were small in number, our presence did send a message.  Bring Home The Troops, Now!

There was little time to notify members of this event.  Perhaps it is time to consider a weekly presence.  Many communities do this.  I will send out this notice to the general list for feedback.




October 21, 2007

More on events

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People in Black will be assembling on a regular basis.  People will gather on the corner of 9th and main at 5:00 P.M. This is an on-going event.  It is mostly a silent protest.  Wear black clothing as much as possible.  Carry peace banners that promote peace more than protesting war.  This is a time of silent reflection for peace.  A brief hand out will be available to explain to passers-by what this is all about. (I think the papers are available).  This is an event that can gain momentum.



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