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November 27, 2008


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As an advocate for peace, as an activist for political reformation in America, and as a concerned citizen who happens to have voted for the Obama/Biden ticket in the recent election I have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Day.

Now that the election is over and Obama will take office let us be thankful, certainly.  Our hard work and efforts have paid off.  But let us not let down our desires to work for peace in Iraq and in Afghanistan.  Let us not rest in our desire to stop preemption and first strike as foreign policy.  Let us pay attention that those of us who supported this candidate are paid attention to by the man who is now president.  Visit and state you views.  Communicate!  Insist!  Stay motivated!  Stay involved!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Peace!

The above represent my views and not necessarily those of the Peace Forum as a group!


November 10, 2008

Activism now more than ever

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Freinds of the Forum,

At the November meeting of the Forum, those present determined the importance of keeping active as a voice of peace and social justice now that there is a new administration in the White House. We generated a must do list that we will post on appropriate an internet site. We were told that there is a specif site created to do so. Once the specific list is edited, It will be published for comment here. This writer will also sen out this list to the Forum’s mail list.

For now, know that the top items will include the following:

  • Bring home the troops from Iraq as soon as possible and practical, and to not redeploy the troops to Afghanistan.
  • Refrain from unilateral incursions into independent and sovereign nations which could expand the “war on terror”. (Pakistan, Syria)

The list will also include items that are related to, peace and justice. We will also post the site where you may submit your own independent lists of must do’s for the new administration.

Let’s celebrate this historic election by holding accountable the new administration to the progressive values that we believe got him elected.

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