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December 26, 2011

Peace in Iraq

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Peace has been declared in Iraq.  All combat troops are coming home by Christmas.  And so we are told that this chapter in America’s history in Iraq is over!

Today I read an article about a court decision which declares that Iran and Al Quida were responsible for the events of 9-11-01.  I will be interested in looking at all the evidence that allows for this conclusion and civil verdict.  If it holds up through appeal, what are the greater implications?

Let’s see….Iraq was not responsible for the attack on America.  Iraq’s alleged involvement was part of the justification for invading a sovereign nation.

Let’s see…Iraq allegedly had weapons of mass destruction stock-piled which could be used to attack America again.  This too was part of the justification for invading a sovereign nation.  No weapons of mass destruction was uncovered.

No WMD. No connection to 9-11.  Why did we invade a sovereign nation?

Were we told the truth about why American troops were placed in harm’s way?  Were we there for regime change all along, to remove a government that was not supportive of American interests in the region?  What is the truth?

Does this verdict about who was responsible for 9-11, by a legitimate branch of government, allow for investigation into the apparent deception told to the American people?

Going to war is serious.  The war, we are told is no over.  Will the lies live on?


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