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May 15, 2012


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It has been awhile since anyone has posted anything new here on the Klamath Basin Peace Forum.  The group, as a group has not been active.  What follows are some of my thoughts and mine alone.  In no way do they represent intentionally the views of any others.

Peace is the way!  The end of formal troop involvement in Iraq, the planning to wind down our military presence in Afghanistan by 2014 is just a beginning.  We have so far to go as a society, as a nation, as a community and as a world. 

I personally find it interesting how many distractions there are in the political realities of this year of presidential aspirations.  The economy is a major focus, as is it should be.  The rights of marriage is an issue.  Foreign policy seems low on the list.  No one really seems to see the connection between failed economic growth and the incredible waste in fighting two wars that have or are coming to a quasi end.

Bread and butter not bombs, Diplomacy not devastation and destruction.

When will it ever end?  When will we stop trying to justify the next incursion?

Just ranting a little..thanks


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