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April 7, 2008

Update on the peace forum

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Currently, the peace forum sponsors a weekly “People in Black” gathering on Friday evenings on the corner of 9th and Main.  People gather beginning at around 5:00 P.M.  Peace flags and messages affirming peace are often seen.

Recently we remembered the 5th Anniversary of the start of the Iraqi War.

Recently we held community forums and information nights about Kenya and Uganda.

We are hoping to consider other activities to encourage new members and redefining who we  are.

Peace is the Way my brothers and sisters.  Peace.



October 30, 2007

Demonstrations and Location

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On Saturday, October 27th, a small group of men gathered at Washburn and South Sixth to protest the continued presence of US Troops in Iraq.  Included in this gathering were four Viet Nam Vets.  Also an individual who has a son serving in Iraq.  Although we were small in number, our presence did send a message.  Bring Home The Troops, Now!

There was little time to notify members of this event.  Perhaps it is time to consider a weekly presence.  Many communities do this.  I will send out this notice to the general list for feedback.



October 21, 2007

More on events

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People in Black will be assembling on a regular basis.  People will gather on the corner of 9th and main at 5:00 P.M. This is an on-going event.  It is mostly a silent protest.  Wear black clothing as much as possible.  Carry peace banners that promote peace more than protesting war.  This is a time of silent reflection for peace.  A brief hand out will be available to explain to passers-by what this is all about. (I think the papers are available).  This is an event that can gain momentum.



September 11, 2007


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The Peace Forum is continuing to plan events to keep us in the public eye, to continue to raise awareness in the community, and to help us all feel less alone in our desire to change governmental policies.

On September 21, we are planning to have a person in black vigil on 10th and main in Klamath Falls, at 5:00 p.m.

In December, we will show the film Joyeux Noel as a pizza and a flick event.

If we continue to envision peace, we will eventually manifest it.

To paraphrase Gandhi and Keyes,  Become the hundredth monkey you want to change the world.


July 5, 2007

July 4th Parade

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To all who walked with the peace forum in the 4th of July parade in Klamath Falls, many thanks for supporting our efforts.

I perceived that we were , in general, received without rancor. I heard no insults.  I saw no single digit salutes or greetings.  I did hear some clapping and a cheer or two.  The best was a young child of about five.  He shounted peace and flashed a peace sign.

We accomplished the task/goal of letting the community know we are here!


July 3, 2007

4th of July Parade

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The Klamath Basin Peace Forum will be participating in the Klamath County/Basin/City 4th of July Parade.

It is important to remember the difference between being in this “celebratory” parade and our efforts at times to protest and to demonstrate our opposition to this administration’s military activities in Iraq and its saber rattling towards Iran and other nations  with whose positions and policies the  administration disagrees.

We are participating in the 4th of July parade to make a presence about our presence in the community.  We are participating to show that we are as “patriotic” as any citizen.  We are participating to remind the community that we support peace and our troops.  We are participating as a piece of education about who we are and what we represent.

We are not demonstrating a particular action or policy.  This is not the purpose of our participation.

I am using we here as a rhetorical device.  I do not represent the views of all peace forum members.  I am trying to articulate why we will not be carrying signs against the war,  This is not a protest march or demonstration.

While we have a responsibility to constantly remind others of our dissatisfaction with current administration policies,  we also are a communioty organization with an obligation to demonstrate how we belong to the community and are part of it.

Please come to the parade.  Support us by marching with us, or by showing your support for peace by your claps and cheers as we march past.



June 8, 2007

Is it just a number?

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Read in the paper this morning that U.S. death count is now more than 3,500.  Is this another milestone?  The surge seems not to be working.  The president claims to want the troops on the ground to have the final say in combat decisions, but he only listens to perspectives that match his imperialistic vision for nation-building. He will allow no time lines and yet sets benchmarks.  The Democratic party sent out a message that the administration is viewing Iraq not as another Viet Nam but as another Korea.

Fifty years later will be wondering why we are still defining Iraq for Iraqis?  How can we honor heroes this 4th of July? Can we speak to the hypocritical policies while recognizing the legitimate service to country?

Perhaps we can honor those in the peace movement who have been arrested, who have been vocal opponents, maybe posters of politicians who have been against policy, maybe one of Cindy Sheehan?


June 1, 2007

Coming Activities

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Friends of the Peace Forum:

On Sunday, June 9, 2007, we will be meeting to discuss our participation in the 4th of July Parade. We will also discuss what we want to do next. Any thoughts on how to honor heroes. Maybe we could honor peace makers. Do something with images of people who have sacrificed for peace? (Gandhi, King, etc)


March 15, 2007

Peace Class

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David Isaiah Hedelman, M.S. will be teaching a course “The Psychology of Peace” (Psych 299)  at Klamath Community College this term.  Spring 2007. It will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30-3:50 P.M.  Peace is the Way is the text for the course.  This is a collection of essays written for the Fellowship of Reconciliation. Authors include Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr.  Thich Nhat Nanh and others.

March 13, 2007

Posting and Information

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Information about activities and discussion of current events related to US policy in Iraq, Iran, other venues, and about domestic political issues will be posted here rather than through the Peace Forum e-Mail.


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